The LAPD really thinks you're retarded. Here's your chance to prove the department wrong.

You see, L.A. police officials are afraid that you'll be so wowed by the sight of retired Space Shuttle Endeavour cruising above town on a 747 that you'll take your eyes off the road and crash your car Friday morning.

Really. So here's the official list of flyover sites, according to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. Don't stop, look up and bend your fenders. Find a safe place to park:

Boeing plant in Seal Beach

California Science Center


Getty Museum

Griffith Observatory

Huntington Beach


L.A. City Hall

Queen Mary

Santa Monica Pier

Space X in Hawthorne

Universal Studios

(Officials won't give out the order of appearances or the exact route for security reasons.)

The LAPD, meanwhile, is really worried about you taking your eyes off the road. Here's what the department says:

This is an impressive sight that has the potential for distracting drivers and pedestrians. … Law enforcement and transportation officials want to remind motorists and visitors not to stop on the roads or highways in order to view or take photographs of the shuttle flyover. These actions can contribute to traffic congestion and cause accidents. We ask those that are interested in seeking out the best opportunity to watch this event to make arrangements in advance.

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

LAPD officials are holding a news conference tomorrow morning to, uh, drive this point home.

According to NASA, all this action will be happening shortly before 11 a.m. Friday, when it's expected to land at LAX.

The FAA's Gregor gives us a better window, however, for the flyovers, saying that 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. will be prime time for this show.

Controversially, the shuttle eventually will be taken via surface streets to its new home at the California Science Center: 265 trees will need to be chopped down.

More immediately, the vehicle will go into hiding at a hangar until Oct. 13, when it will be towed to the Center at Exposition Park.

In any case, there are places to have a safe viewing of its last time in the air, including, it would appear, around City Hall (parked, of course), the Griffith Observatory, maybe Runyon Canyon Park and other parts of the Hollywood Hills.

Or you could head toward the airport. Conveniently, the El Segundo Police Department will be cordoning off the 300 to 600 blocks of East Imperial Avenue for your viewing pleasure. Other spots: The 700 block of West Imperial Avenue and a “greenbelt” at Imperial Avenue and California Street. More.

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Enjoy. Try not to stop in the middle of traffic and take a photo. The LAPD will be looking for you space cases.

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