This post is our live report from backstage at the Emmys press room, where the winners answer questions after they walk off stage. Please also follow our Tweets at @laweeklyarts.

8:47 PM Bryan Cranston: “I wore a Walter White mask and walked the floor of Comic-Con”

8:44 PM James Cromwell on his role in American Horror Story: “I think I got the role because I was doing a play, Waiting for Godot, at the Mark Taper [Forum]…I was loud & blustery & fascist”

8:42 PM Claire Danes: “I was a sloppy kid. There was no going viral back in the day…I was an idiot in the privacy of my own dorm room.”

8:34 PM Michael Douglas calls Behind the Candelabra “probably the greatest screenplay I've ever been involved with.” More than Wall Street? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

Douglas on Candelabra script, continued: “One day I'm dealing with mortality issues with my cancer, the next day this jewel is handed to me”

8:09 PM Stephen Colbert: “I worked for [The Daily Show] when it won best show a bunch. Now I work for this show when it won best show…Winning best show is fun.”

7:30 PM Jeff Daniels on how news of chemical weapons in Syria coincided with same topic on The Newsroom: “Aaron [Sorkin] does such a great of writing things that are still in the news. I think he'd be the first to say we got lucky…It only put more of a spotlight on the show, I think.”

7:24 PM Jeff Daniels gets questioned by someone from the AARP about his acceptance speech. His response: “Let me say I flew out special for that award…you did give me a little golden barcalounger…I use it to hold my meds.”

7:14 PM Bobby Cannavale: “[Jon] Hamm's having a…loser's party. If you go to the loser's party you have to give like 1000 dollars so I'll do that”

6:39 PM Sarah Bromell on her late husband Henry Bromell, who won for writing on Homeland: “His father was a CIA station chief — he's now 93…Henry's parents moved from Greece to Cairo, Jordan, Tehran…Writing became a constant in his life, kind of out of loneliness…and intrigue w/ the CIA”

On her husband's episode: “It contains a 20-page interrogation scene where Carrie turns Brody…It was really difficult to know how to do that. It was…a huge puzzle piece in the whole season.”

6:21 PM Tracey Wigfield, Tina Fey's co-Emmy winner for writing for 30 Rock: “I got my dress at the mall in Topanga”

6:04 PM Julia Louis-Dreyfus tries to make everyone feel better: “I've lost many more times than I've won. I've lost ten times”

5:57 PM Tony Hale: “My wife has an Emmy for makeup so I'm just catching up to her”

5:47 PM True story: The director of the #Emmys last week won an Emmy for directing

5:45 PM Merritt Wever on what it feels like to win: “I don't know yet. I'm scared, honestly…because it was unexpected…I have therapy next week.”

5:42 PM Merritt Wever: “I wanted to thank a lot of people. Uchh…I wanted to thank Edie Falco very badly. It's hard to do those.”

5:31 PM Pundit talking points on Tony Hale winning: 1. M Family vote split 2. Arrested Development exposure 3. He's actually better than the others

5:20 PM Supporting Actress in a Comedy winner Merritt Wever just walked off the stage without giving a speech. Have the Emmys started for real or this just a dress rehearsal?

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