There are tribute songs, and then there are stalker songs; Toronto singer-songwriter Emma-Lee's “What Would Tom Petty Do” lies somewhere in between. An unabashed attempt to get her hero's attention, “Tom Petty” easily could have come off as crass, but Emma-Lee has enough charm and (more importantly) songwriting chops to turn her musical mash note into a witty, countrified romp. There's more where that came from on her 2012 album, Backseat Heroine, which earned an Independent Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Album – a somewhat misleading category, as Emma-Lee's gritty folk-rock has more in common with Neil Young than with Celine Dion. Might Petty himself drop by to see his Canadian super-fan in action? At Hotel Café, a favorite hang for L.A. singer-songwriters at all levels of fame, anything is possible.

Fri., June 6, 7 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 06/06/14)

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