Yesterday, RadarOnline and Entertainment Tonight announced, OctoMom Nadya Suleman was recuperating in an O.C. hospital following some unspecified surgery. Relax, though, she remembered to leave the lights on at home for her 14 children (including the eight babies) — and to arrange for someone to look after them. One Suleman watcher wasn't surprised.

“I bet Nadya had a melt down because of the Fox special coming THE DAY

BEFORE HER HEARING FOR DISMISSAL,” wrote blogger Valkyre, in reference to next week's TV airing of Suleman-home footage shot by RadarOnline. “If I were her, I'd have done the same

thing. She's probably out of her mind with worry, cause she KNOWS

what's on that footage.”

Meanwhile, L.A. attorney Gloria Allred's emergency motion to have a guardian appointed to oversee the finances of Suleman's kids during the upcoming Eyeworks reality TV shooting at Suleman's home was rebuffed in court.

Allred, nevertheless, can refile her motion as a non-emergency matter.

She'd originally submitted it on behalf of former child actor Paul

Petersen (The Donna Reed Show), who heads a kid-actor advocacy

group, A Minor Consideration. A judge approved the request for a

limited guardianship in July, but his ruling was stayed last week by an

appellate court. Finally in the OctoMom universe, the Whittier Daily News has pulled the plug on its long-running Octorazzi blog.

LA Weekly