The Emerald Cup was back for 2023 last weekend and repeat champions weren’t in short supply. 

This year would see the Emerald Cup’s award show move to the Bay Area for the first time after a long stint in wine country before the pandemic and last year’s show at The Montalbán in Hollywood. While nowhere in the state worth having the cup could be considered neutral territory given how many competitors dot the state from north to south, the Bay is one of the better spots to have it because it’s essentially halfway between L.A. and Arcata — most of the state’s cannabis enthusiasts and businesses lie between that two points, too. The venue at Richmond’s Craneway Pavilion was undoubtedly the most gorgeous the cup has seen since it left the redwoods in the early 2010s for bigger venues closer to population centers.  

But the most beautiful sights to behold on the water’s edge were the glass cases filled with this year’s entries. As the judges, contestants and special guests entered the venue, they were greeted by the cases. The flower entries were the most packed, as people wedged in tight to get pics of all the pretty buds for the social media adventures. 

As the award show kicked off, it was like the final countdown to the big categories at the end began. After making its way through some of the more niche photography and product categories, it was on to the social justice awards. In one of the coolest moments of the night, Luke Scarmazzo came on stage to accept The Social Justice Award on behalf of his good friend Weldon Angelos. 

Angelos was released in 2016. He was originally sentenced to serve 55 years over a cannabis conviction with a mandatory minimum sentence but only served 13 years. After his release, Angelos began advocating for others who remained in the circumstances he was able to escape, eventually founding The Weldon Project. One of the people Weldon has helped get out of prison was his close friend Scarmazzo. 

As he took the stage, Scarmazzo noted he was celebrating 100 days since being released from prison after serving 15 years over medical cannabis. The news received one of the loudest ovations of the night. 

Other awards would include The Pioneer Award going to Amber Senter for her work on Social Equity and The Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award going to Mila Jansen for her contribution to the world of hashish over the last 50 years as an entrepreneur, smuggler, and inventor. 

From there we started into the big dog categories of flower and hash. This year’s theme was champions still crushing it. The rest of the evening would feature a carousel of repeat winners or those returning to the podium after a year or two off. 

One of the biggest returns was Ridgeline Farms. After being the only mixed-light cultivator to qualify for the Zalympix finals, the LANTZ hype rolled on this weekend with Ridgeline taking top honors. 

Founder Jason Gellman shared the experience with L.A. Weekly. 

“With all the competition going on these days, The Emerald Cup to me is still the most prestigious and authentic. The judging is taken seriously by a talented group hand-picked for their dedication to the plant,” Gellman said. “As our small cannabis communities have taken a giant hit from the challenges of the industry, it’s as important as ever to stay relevant. I take lots of pride in growing the best herb possible, so when I submit my entries I always feel they have a chance to win.”

After the near-perfect farming conditions up north for most of the last year before monsoon season hit, it was expected Southern Humboldt would be very competitive. Most of the years that a NorCal farmer didn’t win the cup it had something to do with mother nature. Gellman was proud to see what the county did this year. 

“This year, Humboldt County showed up big. Winning is huge, but it’s more about us representing our community as a whole than just one of us,” Gellman said. “Ridgeline took home multiple awards including first in mixed light with my new strain LANTZ, but what we were the most proud of is winning the Breeders cup.” 

Gellman had been working on creating this strain for over four years. 

“Lots of time, energy, money, fails and finally one giant win,” Gellman said. “I knew LANTZ was the one, but this just solidifies it. The cup was a giant success this year and was great to see so many real heads in the game. Overall, it was a great day in the bay” 

Rebel Grown took home top honors in the Full Sun. After regularly gracing the top 10 and top 20 over the years, this time they were able to take first place with their Double OG Chem. 

In indoor, Fig Farms would became the only indoor farm to ever win The Emerald Cup twice after now winning both the past two renditions of the contest. The Blue Face that won the indoor category was also the first-ever indoor flower to win The Emerald Cup’s prestigious best-in-show award. 

“The love we received at the Emerald Cup has elevated to a new level,” Keith Healy of Fig Farms told L.A. Weekly, “Two years at the top spot for indoor flower, and this year going a step further by receiving Best in Show. Fig Farms’s Blue Face is the first indoor flower to receive the Best in Show award, which has been given exclusively to Sungrown flower until now. I am so proud of our team, and truly honored in a way that cannot be put into words.”

Here are the 2023 Winners:

Sungrown Flower

1stSungrown FlowerRebel Grown – Double OG Chem #15
2ndSungrown FlowerNaughty Squirrel – Venom OG
3rdSungrown FlowerGreenshock Farms – Peppermint Sleigh Ride
4thSungrown FlowerHeartrock Mountain Farm – Lemon Head
5thSungrown FlowerSanctuary Farms – Blunicorn
6thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Orange Creamsicle
7thSungrown FlowerRebel Grown – Double OG Chem #5
8thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon x Rebel Grown – Natty Bumppo #4
9thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Lime Juice
10thSungrown FlowerGreenshock Farms – Tropical Sleigh Ride
11thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Pixie Dust
12thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon – Menage 21
13thSungrown FlowerRidgeline Farms – LANTZ
14thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon x Rebel Grown – Rebel Cookies & Lemon Lary OG
15thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Honey Dew
16thSungrown FlowerLempire Farmaseed x Dougie Fresh – Wicked Sour
17thSungrown FlowerRidgeline Farms – Ridgeline Runtz
18thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon – Lemon Sponge Cake
19thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Maracuya
20thSungrown FlowerSoHum Royal x Southern Humboldt Royal Cannabis Company x Global Genetics – Blue Nerds


Mixed Light Flower

1stMixed Light FlowerRidgeline Farms – LANTZ
2ndMixed Light FlowerPreferred Gardens x Doja Pak – 11:11
3rdMixed Light FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Florida Kush
4thMixed Light FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Orange 43
5thMixed Light FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Ice Cream Cake
6thMixed Light FlowerHealing Herb Farms – Crush Mintz
7thMixed Light FlowerPreferred Gardens x Duke of Doja / Doja Pak – P41
8thMixed Light FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Sherbhead
9thMixed Light FlowerDos Rios Farms – Lemon Creme

Indoor Flower

1stIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Blue Face
2ndIndoor FlowerSense – Gas Face
3rdIndoor FlowerCannabiotix – French Alps
4thIndoor FlowerMaven Genetics – French Laundry
5thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Animal Face
6thIndoor FlowerDecibel Gardens – Watermelon Punch
7thIndoor FlowerCannabiotix – Blue Flame OG
8thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Dark Karma
9thIndoor FlowerTeam Elite Genetics – Pearadise
10thIndoor FlowerCannaCruz – Biscotti Bx1
11thIndoor FlowerCannabiotix – The Silk
12thIndoor FlowerDecibel Gardens – Roswell 47
13thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Gelato 41
14thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Moonana Wreck
15thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Zeclair
16thIndoor FlowerSattva Cannabis – Purple Push Pop x Cap Junkie
17thIndoor FlowerPure Beauty – Spritzer
18thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Lemon Cherry Gelato
19thIndoor FlowerCannabiotix – Mountain Sage
20thIndoor FlowerSattva Cannabis – Biscotti x Bx1

Sungrown Greenhouse Flower

1stSungrown Greenhouse FlowerChameleon Craft – Bubble Bath
2ndSungrown Greenhouse FlowerCre8 Cannabis – Cre8’s Gelonade
3rdSungrown Greenhouse FlowerChameleon Craft – Mule Fuel
4thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerXotic Flavors – Gushers
5thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerCre8 Cannabis – Cre8’s Jokerz #31

Personal Use Flower

1stPersonal Use FlowerBrandy Schneider – Mountain Cultured Terp Blendz 241
2ndPersonal Use FlowerDerek Roseboom – In The Pines
3rdPersonal Use FlowerColin Teurfs – Double OG Chem (sungrown)
4thPersonal Use FlowerParker Moselle & Jackson Moran – Orangutan Titties #3
5thPersonal Use FlowerMatt Jones – Hippie Crippler


1stPre-Roll – Infused Solventless ExtractHeritage Hash Co. x Huckleberry Hill Farms – Whitethorn Rose Flower x Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash
2ndPre-Roll – Infused Solventless ExtractHoly Smoke by Holy Water – Holy Smokes Papaya
3rdPre Roll – Infused Solventless ExtractArcata Fire x Humboldt 36 Farms – Grape Runtz Arcata Fire Hash Hose: Ice Water Hash Infused Preroll (1g)
1stPre-Roll – Infused Solvent ExtractWest Coast Genetics X Holy Water – Paleta Z x Oz Kush Rosin x Kiwi Resin
2ndPre-Roll – Infused Solvent ExtractCream of the Crop – COTC Diamond Barrel Monkfruit x High C
3rdPre-Roll – Infused Solvent ExtractKhalifa Kush – Khalifa Kush Infused Pre-Roll
1stPre-Roll – Non InfusedRoyal Key x Suprize Suprize – ROLLS Ghost Candy Walls
2ndPre-Roll – Non InfusedHuckleberry Hill Farms x CannaCountry Farms – Whitethorn Rose CannaCountry #26 Blend
3rdPre-Roll – Non InfusedWeedLove – WeedLove John Lemmon 1g Preroll
1stPre Roll – DeluxeRosin Tech Labs x Decibel Gardens x LUMA Farms – Roswell 47/Cali-O (Flower) – Papaya (Rosin) – Hash Hole
1stPre Roll – Hemp WrapPaletas – Paletas Infused Blunt 2.1g – Jealousy Cap Junky (Hybrid)

Solventless Concentrates

1stIce Water HashHeritage Hash Co x Huckleberry Hill Farms – Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash
2ndIce Water HashHeritage Hash Co x Mattole Valley Sun Grown – Purple Papaya Live Bubble Hash
3rdIce Water HashMoon Valley Hash Co – Super Boof 119u-104u
4thIce Water HashPapa’s Select x Archive Seeds x Emerald Queens Farms – Rainbow Belts 90u Water Hash
5thIce Water HashHeritage Hash Co x Bon Vivant – Hova Live Bubble Hash
1stRosinFullyMelted x Alien Labs – Zkittlez
2ndRosinEl Krem x Purple City Genetics x Ahti Hash x Sunrise Gardens – El Krem Moroccan Peaches Live Rosin
3rdRosinPapa’s Select x Booney Acres – Strawberry Rainbows Premium Live Rosin
4thRosinPunch Edibles & Extracts x Redwood Valley Farms – Rambutan Badder Rosin – Redwood Valley Farms/ Bloomseedco
5thRosinEl Krem x Purple City Genetics x Ahti Hash x Sunrise Gardens – El Krem Peach Panther Live Rosin
6thRosinPunch Edibles & Extracts x Luma Farms – Poochies Papaya by Luma Farms Rosin
7thRosinHeritage Hash Co x Bon Vivant – Hova Live Rosin
8thRosinHeritage Hash Co x Emerald Queen Farms – Queens Chem Live Rosin
9thRosinReal Deal Resin x LUMA California – Lemon Limes
1stPersonal Use SolventlessBrett Byrd – Purple Magic
2ndPersonal Use SolventlessMatt Schackow – Papaya Live Rosin Badder
3rdPersonal Use SolventlessChristian Luevano – Papaya Piss
4thPersonal Use SolventlessBrett Byrd – GAKnana
5thPersonal Use SolventlessMatt Schackow – Lemon Sour


1stC02 CartridgeHuckleberry Hill Farms x Vesuvio Garden- Whitethorn Rose
1stDistillate CartridgeMVN Productions – XXX OG
2ndDistillate CartridgeHelmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) – Afghanimal
3rdDistillate CartridgeJetty Extracts – Jetty Vanilla Blossom Cartridge
1stLive Resin CartridgeArcata Fire x Humboldt Trees – Strawberry Zkittlez- Arcata Fire 100% Live Resin Sauce Vape: Original Blend
2ndLive Resin CartridgeAbsolute Xtracts – ABX Farmer’s Reserve 1g Vape – Honey Banana
3rdLive Resin CartridgePaperPlanes Extracts – Zawtz x Zruntz Live Resin Vape
4thLive Resin CartridgeGold Drop x Lemon Tree – Kiwi Tree Liquid Diamonds
5thLive Resin CartridgeHalara x Sweetleaf Collective – Halara Live Diamond Sauce – Forbidden Roses
1stSolventless CartridgeArcata Fire x Humboldt 36 Farms – Arcata Fire All in One 100% live Rosin Vape: Banana Punch
2ndSolventless CartridgeArcata Fire x Royalbudline – Zkittlez Vape – Rosin Syrup All In One (.5g) Vape
3rdSolventless CartridgeArcata Fire x Humboldt 36 Farms – Arcata Fire 100% live rosin syrup All in One Vape: Orange Tree
4thSolventless CartridgeJetty Extracts – Jetty Gas Man Solventless Rosin Cartridge
5thSolventless CartridgeReal Deal Resin x Booney Acres – Strawberry Meltshake

Solvent Concentrates

1stHydro-Carbon SolidJetty Extracts – Jetty Super Lemon Haze Live Badder
2ndHydro-Carbon SolidBeezle Brands x Ember Valley- Orange Peel Live Resin Budder
3rdHydro-Carbon SolidBeezle Brands x Luma Farms – Papaya Live Resin Budder
4thHydro-Carbon SolidBeezle Brands x Ember Valley – Red Runtz Live Resin Budder
5thHydro-Carbon SolidBeezle Brands x Ember Valley – Verzace Live Resin Budder
1stHydro-Carbon LiquidHoly Water x Lemon Tree – Melon Tree/Gas Tree Split Jar
2ndHydro-Carbon LiquidCannabiotix – Mountain Sage Terp Sugar
3rdHydro-Carbon LiquidCannabiotix – Blue Flame Terp Sugar


1stTherapeutic TopicalVal’s Original x West Valley Patient Center – Val’s Hawaiian Cream (Pono)
2ndTherapeutic TopicalHello Again – Hello Again Period
3rdTherapeutic TopicalLiquid Flower – Deep Relief


1stTinctureProof – Bazillion Drops
2ndTinctureQueen Mary – Boost
1stTincture – Wellness ProductProof – CBG Elixer Drops


1stEdibles – BeverageHerba Mate – Herba Mate Lemon Mint
2ndEdibles – BeverageMari y Juana Beverages Co. – ¡Guava! 50mg THC Soft Drink
3rdEdibles – BeverageLagunitas HiFi Sessions – Lagunitas x Absolute Xtracts – Hi-Fi Cloudberry Four Pack
4thEdibles – BeverageMari y Juana Beverages Co. – iPiña! 10mg THC Soft Drink
5thEdibles – BeverageBodega – Bodega Pear Cooler
1stEdibles – Beverage EnhancerAtlas Edibles – Alta Infused Peach Iced Tea Drink Mix
1stEdibles – GummiesSpace Gem – Sour Spacedrops
2ndEdibles – GummiesP&B Kitchen – Watermelon Chili Gummies
3rdEdibles – GummiesLost Farm – Yuzu Fizz Sour Dream Live Rosin Gummies
4thEdibles – GummiesLost Farm – Raspberry Wedding Cake Live Resin Gummies
5thEdibles – GummiesWest Coast Cure – Pink Lemonade Strain-Specific, Vegan, Solventless Ice Water Hash Gummy
6thEdibles – GummiesWest Coast Cure – Blackcurrant Ashram Kush Strain-Specific, Vegan, Solventless Ice Water Hash Gummy
7thEdibles – GummiesPapa’s Select – Rainbow Rubble, Hint of Lychee Gummies
8thEdibles – GummiesPapa’s Select x Tar Hill Cannabis – Pink Lemonade Gummies
9thEdibles – GummiesPapa’s Select x Sunrise Mountain Farms – Grape Pie + Animal Cookies Gummies
10thEdibles – GummiesBigfoot Cannabis Company – Live Resin Raspberry Lemonade Gummies
1stEdibles – SweetOui’d Confections – Bonbon Hazelnut Praliné
2ndEdibles – SweetP&B Kitchen – Caramel Filled Dark Chocolates
3rdEdibles – SweetCosmic Edibles x Hash & Flowers – Plant Based Solventless Peanut Butter Breath Rosin S’Mores Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough
1stEdibles – SavoryTSUMo Snacks – Chili Limon Cannabis Infused Corn Chips
1stEdibles – Health ConsciousQueen Mary – Enchanted
2ndEdibles – Health ConsciousFRUIT SLABS – Tropical Haze FRUIT SLABS
3rdEdibles – Health ConsciousNUG – Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Alternative Cannabinoids

1stAlternative Cannabinoid FlowerPure Beauty – Terry T x Gelato 33 (2:1 CBD)
2ndAlternative Cannabinoid FlowerMoon Made Farms – Sungrown Mixed Ratio Flower Sapphire Tsu
3rdAlternative Cannabinoid FlowerHeartrock Mountain Farm – Love Laughter Flower
1stAlternative Cannabinoid – BREEDER’S CUPPure Beauty – Terry T x Gelato 33 (2:1 CBD)
1stHemp FlowerStoney Branch Farms – Godfather OG
2ndHemp FlowerFlowgardens – Blue Meringue
3rdHemp FlowerHemp Hop – Abacus Diesel CBD Hemp Flower
1stAlternative Cannabinoid EdibleSpace Gem – Mind Expanding Belt – Sleepy Fig
1stAlternative Cannabinoid BeverageKeef – Life H2O Blueberry Lemon +CBN
1stAlternative Cannabinoid TinctureProof – CBG Elixer Drops
1stAlternative Cannabinoid CartridgeChemistry x Emerald Spirit Botanicals – Harmony Rose Full-Spectrum 1:1 CBD Vape
1stHemp Derived IngestibleGreen Truth – Weedman’s Sampler Hemp Chocolates
1stHemp Derived TopicalGreen Revolution – Solace CBD Topical
2ndHemp Derived TopicalMetta Hemp – CBD Full-Spectrum Topical Cream

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