Emerald Beaut Plums will be showing up at farmers markets this weekend. Many of us have waited long and patiently for this green plum to hit the stands, and at least one farmer, Annie from Sweet Tree Farms, has finally deemed her crop ripe and sent crews up the ladders to pick them.

The Emerald Beaut is a late season plum with green skin and flesh that is high in sugars, super juicy, and yet still maintains a lovely crunch. The Dave Wilson Nursery, one of the most respected fruit tree providers in California, declared the Emerald Beaut as “one of the highest-rated plums in blind fruit tastings.”

As with most varieties of plums, the harvesting season is short–the window to get freshly picked Emerald Beauts is only about a month–so the plums won't be at the markets for long. Get them, as they say, while you can.

Sweet Tree Farms will be selling their Emerald Beaut Plums at the following Farmer's Markets: Echo Park, Monrovia, Irvine, Silverlake, Riverside, Hillcrest, Alhambra, Claremont and Montrose. For an detailed list of Southern California farmers markets, including times and addresses, click here.

Credit: Photo credit: Sweet Tree Farms

Credit: Photo credit: Sweet Tree Farms

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