Hey kids, if you want a crash course in public relations, the Dodgers organization has a job for you.

What with the McCourts' dirty divorce, Frank McCourt's likability problem, and a few L.A. fans getting tragically violent in the parking lot, this is the definition of hot seat.

According to a job listing

… the gig is for a part-time community affairs assistant who will “work closely with the entire department learning the department's community initiatives, MLB community initiatives, charitable donation programs, and fundraising activities.”

The job includes working as many as 81 games, weekends or not.

But the qualifications — you know, the usual about “excellent communication,” being well-organized, having a heartbeat — don't seem too daunting.

In a section where other employers often list a range of questions you should be able to answer if you're serious about the job, the bosses behind this gig could only come up with one:

“Are you familiar with the Los Angeles Dodgers?”

Never heard.

LA Weekly