Just in time for Halloween, the Mistress of the Dark is back on TV, and on the cover of the Weekly. With the new Elvira's Movie Macabre premiering in national syndication this weekend (it's on KDOC at midnight Saturday night in LA; for other areas, check your local listings), here's a small sampling of video highlights–including rapping, pastie-twirling, and loads of double-entendre–from the legendary horror hostess.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Here's a glimpse of The Mistress of the Dark (and the tits she was once told “you can't show on TV”) in her heyday, letting the puns fly in an episode of the original Movie Macabre.

Elvira raps, twirls pasties

Tarantulas, pink punk poodles and barely-clad men collide in the finale to Elvira's 1988 campy feature Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, where she demonstrates her rapping skills, as wells as her admirable nipple control in a big pastie finish.

Rocky Horror Elvira Show at Knott's

Elvira channels Frank N. Furter's “Sweet Transvestite” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with black gloves, corset, garters and boa, in “Sweet Elvira” at Knotts Scary Farm, where she held court each October for 21 years.

The Beer Years

“Happy Halloween, Darling!” – Elvira chills with friends (including “Frankie” Frankenstein and “a net”) at a Monster Mash at “Mali-boo” beach, in this classic Coors Light Halloween commercial from the 90s.

The Bitch is Back

Starting this Saturday, Elvira returns to syndication after a twenty year hiatus, with a new episode of Movie Macabre featuring the classic, Night of the Living Dead. Here's the opening for the new series, set to a Black Belles song donated by producer/Friend of Elvira Jack White.

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