After the riots, there was much talk about turning a new leaf in L.A: New life and new attitudes would spring from the ashes of destruction, political leaders said

There's living proof of that in “baby” Jessica Evers, who celebrates her 20th birthday on April 30.

Not only was she born on the second day of rioting, but …

… she was born with a bullet wound to an elbow.

That's because her mother, 7-and-a-half months pregnant Elvira Evers, was walking in Compton that day with her 5-year-old when she was shot randomly in the belly as looters ruled the streets.

NBC Los Angeles has the amazing story and video.

First responders were overloaded and afraid to go to some areas. Evers was taken by private car to a hospital as she went unconscious.

When she awoke a week later, she cried. Her baby was gone.

Elvira and Jessica, 1992.; Credit: Associated Press

Elvira and Jessica, 1992.; Credit: Associated Press

But a nurse asked why she was sad and offered to show her a picture of her baby. Jessica had made it, albeit with a scar in her elbow from the 9mm bullet that grazed her in the womb. Mom has a belly scar, too.

“I'm still here,” the almost-20-year-old Jessica Evers told NBC L.A.

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