Photos by Julie Pavlowski

My teddy bear is my favorite thing in my bedroom. My dad gave me my teddy bears. Santa Claus gave me the gnome house. We have gnomes and fairies here. I sewed all of the flowers onto this ribbon, and the fairies put beads on the flowers. My grandma made the curtains. The doll with the brown hair is my favorite, and I made her necklace. I play in here with my mommy. The favorite part of my bedroom is this picture — it's a little baby and the toys came alive — my mommy gave me this. My toys come alive — they dance around and they do the splits and do ballet and that's all. I chose the colors, well, my mom kind of did. My dad made the toy chest. This is a butterfly. I have two of them. Do you want one?


My favorite thing here is the candy area. And my treasure chest is sort of, too — it's made out of candy. Chocolate is my favorite — malted-milk balls. The birdhouse is made out of candy. I'm just going to talk about candy now. Everything in my bedroom is made out of candy. [Giggles.] I painted the door with my dad. Some of the little figures my dad did, some I did. I was very young — 150. Now I'm about 1. My favorite thing is my chalkboard. It says, “I love you, Mom” and “I love you, Dad.” My friend Molly made this, a little chicken that has an egg in it. This is the baby. These are Archie stickers. Caaaandy!

LA Weekly