It's never too soon to capitalize on a fallen angel.

At least, that is, if you're Vanity Fair magazine.

The publication announced this week that it's publishing a book about Elizabeth Taylor. And, yeah, it's coming at you quick. Because it's the magazine's first e-book. According to VF:

Vanity Fair has collected six classic stories from its pages, by the likes of Dominick Dunne, George Hamilton, and Sam Kashner, along with an introduction by editor Graydon Carter, and two new pieces from David Kamp and Gwen Davis, for The Best of Vanity Fair Elizabeth Taylor: Eight Remarkable Stories About Hollywood's Most Beautiful, Most Controversial Star, the first e-book published by the magazine. This is also the first e-book to be published by Condé Nast.

Helmut Newton, among others, weighs in with photographs. And, as VF honcho Graydon Carter says, each article “captures a chapter in the epic tale of Elizabeth Taylor's life.”

Not exactly a tell-all. But way to re-purpose content, Vanity Fair.

Looks like the instant book just got more instant in the iPad era. Too soon? You be the judge.

LA Weekly