We had been told since the beginning that the Taliban, al Qaeda and jihadists in general worked on what was called a “biblical calendar.” None of this faster, quicker B.S. They would take their time in restoring the Caliphate.

Fair enough.

But who knew the Weather Underground had that same sort of patience? Just as we had thought they had become an historical footnote, SDS terrorists William Ayers and his gal pal Bernardine Dohrn have struck their mortal blows against the core of our nation.

Doggone it, thanks to Mr. McCain for denouncing this threat in time, though his warning didn't come quite soon enough to ward off the attack. He did the best he could, putting Country First.

In the meantime, we awake this morning only to be stunned by the smoking rubble all around us, the realization that after 35 years of careful planning the terrorists have finally struck:

Wall Street is in ruins and a series of orchestrated detonations sweep the globe.

Devastation spreads into the heartland.

Europe buckles.

The good news is that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are on the case!

Rooting out and ruthlessly exposing the terrorists! And remember, John McCain knows how to win wars.

We shall prevail.

ALSO, read more election coverage from Cooper at and The Huffington Post, including his dispatch on John McCain's own '60s radical pal, David Ifshin, a Vietnam-era student radical who went on Radio Hanoi to denounce the U.S. war effort while McCain was imprisoned. After McCain's release, McCain ended up forging a close personal friendship with Ifshin, as well as a working political alliance even though Ifshin never denounced his radical activities. Together they worked to establish the Institute for Democracy in Vietnam and partnered up on the issue of normalization of relations with Vietnam.

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