Recently Discovered Photo of Obama Circa 1865

In these final, gasping moments of the Reagan Era we have really reached a dismal, dismal low point in our political discourse. The McCain-Failin' campaign has pulled out all the stops in an attempt to stigmatize the notion of any sort of redistribution of wealth. Merely because Barack Obama vows not to nationalize industry, nor seize all private haciendas, nor confiscate your 7th or 8th home, but rather because he wants to raise the marginal tax rate on those earning a quarter of million dollars a year or more from 36% to 39% i.e. where it was in the year 2001. And that's so he can pay for lowering taxes for 95% of Americans. If that's what spreading the wealth is about, then I am for it. And I imagine millions and millions of others are for it too. One more reason why a landslide is coming a week from Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the ludicrous charge that Obama is a Marxist expropriator reveals the ultimate moral bankruptcy of a conservative movement that has totally exhausted itself. It once had a lot of bad ideas (how many of you would presently like to have your social security invested in the stock market?). Now, the Republicans have literally NO ideas, other than to feebly try to scare you. And to brazenly celebrate self-interested greed. It is now apparently a mortal sin to believe there is anything like a commonweal, any notion of mutual solidarity with fellow humans, or any legitimate compulsion to care for the needy.

These folks so lavishly deserve the ass-whuppin' coming their way.

I had to laugh at Drudge tonight who is running a screamer headline that it found an eight-year-old piece of audio in which Barack Obama is caught on tape lamenting that the civil rights movement didn't spend enough energy fighting for “redistributive change.”

Since when has it become an un-American act to skew tax rates and other government entitlement programs to help level the playing field between the ultra-rich and the rest of us? Was I absent that day?

Of course, this all distracts from the man most responsible for radical wealth distribution of the last two decades.

I refer to former-Maestro-turned-stumblebum Alan Greenspan who helped engineer and lubricate the most accelerated transfer and redistribution of wealth –upwards– in modern American history. Please, no one pay attention to the man with the dunce hat on in the corner. That CEOs now make 600 times what a line worker does and that real wages have stagnated could never, ever, ever be considered “spreading the wealth.” Oh, heavens no.

P.S. Quote of the day:”It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle…” Well, you know the rest. A very famous quote from a notable un-American Jew.


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