Republican strategists are now privately admitting they face the real possibility of an historic down-ticket catastrophe come November 4th.

The demise of the entire Reagan Era could possibly be certified by the Democrats winning a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Republican losses in the House could be equally dramatic. The Republicans risk a decade or two of exile in political Siberia.

Among the real highlights: the orange-haired Senator from North Carolina, Liddy Dole has been declared dead meat. Please cart her away, already (I believe Liddy's only real mark on American politics was to launch the career of Ari Fleischer who worked as spokesman for the ill-fated Dole 2000 presidential campaign).

Tobacco lobbyist and part-time Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is also in trouble. Ditto for the execrable Gentleman from Georgia, Saxby Chambliss. This is the slug who came into office by sliming his Democratic opponent Max Cleland (who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam) as being too soft on national security.

Here's the bad news: As this phase of American history comes to a close, it's not clear at all to me that the Democrats — who will be in charge — have any real alternative vision to offer. A few reforms, for sure. But the New Deal Era was born because FDR was willing to put forward a profound retooling of the system. It was an era that lingered well into the time of Nixon.

Reagan was also prepared to turn over the tables in 1980, albeit in a disastrous way. But give the Reaganites credit, at least, for having some very bold (if mistaken) ideas.

What such ideas do the Democrats now have in mind? I don't think Fate has chosen Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to lead us to the Promised Land. Let's hope, excuse the pun, that Barack Obama will provide the courage to make the sort of shift that history now seems to demand.

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