On Friday October 10th I had the privilege of guesting on Jonesy's Jukebox Jury on Indie 103.1 FM, hosted by the legendary Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. Jonesy is one of my favorites, not just because of his seminal place in rock history but also because of how wonderfully he's reinvented himself as the curmudgeonly radio personality. Jonesy's Jukebox and Jukebox Jury have been responsible for some of my favorite radio over the past several years, the highlight being a pants-shittingly funny parody of the imminently parody-ready There Will Be Blood, sung to the melody of “I Am An Anarchist,” with Justin Long and Har Mar Superstar. If you missed this, please check out the YouTube below. I just did and I'm crying.

If you make it through this podcast of last Friday's Jukebox Jury, ostensibly a political roundtable, you may be crying for other reasons. Nevertheless, here it is. Many thanks to Jonesy, producer Kevin Begley, and the other guests: Sexy Joe Sabia of sexypolitics.com; Charles Moran, president of the local Log Cabin Republicans; and conservative pundit Carol Platt Lebow.

Listen to the podcast here by clicking on the 10.10.08 button.

Good luck.

Joe Donnelly at the mic.

Steve Jones has had enough!

Going to visit the duke.

Joe Donnelly gets friendly with Sexy Joe Sabia.

Joe and Steve after the show with a copy of the L.A. Weekly.

Political panelists post-jury [L-R]: Joe Donnelly, Carol Platt Lebow, Steve Jones, Charles Moran, and Joe Sabia.

All photographs by Erin Broadley

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