They're not exactly anchor babies: Mom is an American citizen. Maybe they're more like AK babies, though, because dad is the most-wanted drug lord in the world, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

And his twin girls said hello to life on Aug. 15 at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, according to a fascinating report in the Los Angeles Times.

Now, your next question is, of course, why?

Well, it seems mom wanted her precious babies to be Americans. Understandable. But the real question is why the federal agents tracking mommy's every move just stand by?

Twenty-two-year-old former beauty queen Emma Coronel, a.k.a. Mrs. Most Wanted Drug Lord in the World, didn't commit any crimes, and she might have been of limited use to the feds.

The Times' Tracy Wilkinson and Ken Ellingwood report that El Chapo is probably holed up in some mountaintop hideout with way more muscle than Osama Bin Laden ended up having:

While she no doubt could have provided useful information on her husband's whereabouts, drug agents have said the problem with apprehending Guzman has less to do with finding him and more with how Mexican troops can seize him. He surrounds himself with enormous bands of well-armed security and tends to stick to isolated, mountainous regions that are difficult to reach, agents say.

In a scary aside, the report indicates El Chapo is busy as we speak embarking upon a bloody takeover of all of Mexico's drug trade.

So there you are. El Chapo defies authority to get us the coke. Hollywood consumes the coke. The children of a modern-day Scarface are born in L.A. It's the circle of life.

Let's just hope the proud parents didn't name the girls Lindsay and Paris – que no?

[Edited]: Following comments and emails noting that our photo of a hot chick that was said to be of Coronel might not be her, we switched it out for the less appealing shot of El Chapo. Darn. Sorry for our confusion.


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