Updated after the jump: The alleged “gunman” was really a student who got tattled on after a fight.

The Valley kids at El Camino High just can't catch a break when it comes to all-school lockdowns. Or to men showing up on their campus with guns.

After a six-hour shut-in last week that prevented students from walking around, eating or even peeing (except in a bucket), LAPD placed another lockdown on El Camino today at 2:40 p.m.

According to KTLA, a “Hispanic male with a shaved head was spotted on campus with a gun.”

And just like last week, Hale Middle School got caught up in the flurry: It was issued its own lockdown by police.

The lockdown on both schools was lifted just a half-hour later, after LAPD officers reportedly detained one individual. Despite the prior gun sighting, NBC Los Angeles reports now that school officials maintain “no weapon was found.”

However, going by the ABC7 report, it looks like there was indeed a sketchy non-student hanging out in the parking lot once again:

A student reported a person with a gun on or near the south campus parking lot possibly walking away from the school. [Which sounds… exactly like last week.]

A person was detained in handcuffs on the El Camino campus. A weapon was not found.

City leaders are currently offering a $100,000 reward for information on the shooting of the Los Angeles School Police Department officer at El Camino.

Updates to follow.

Again? Really?, say the kids at El Camino:

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

For the Twitter illiterate, that's “no bid deal… thanks El Camino.”

Update: Scratch all that. KNX news radio finally figured out what was going on. Apparently, after one boy threatened another boy this afternoon, “possibly because of a gang-related beef,” the one who had been threatened then told the school dean that his beefer was carrying a gun.

Though two suspects (presumably the boys in the argument) were taken away by police, no gun was ever found.

Were you there? Any idea what happened? Let us know.

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