Friends, countrymen, our fellow stoners. Lend us your lighters, for we shall spark one in honor of what could have been — fully legal weed in California.

We know, this thing's not over yet. But Prop. 19, the initiative that would let us carry an ounce of kindness, is going down 44 percent (for) to 49 percent (opposed) among likely voters in the latest Public Policy Institute of California poll.

This thing is losing popularity like a wet roach that's just been lipped by Andy Dick:

The numbers represent an eight-point drop since September, when 52 percent of y'all said you would go for legalization.

What's happening, stoners? Didn't the Obama administration just piss us off by threatening to sue us if we pass this thing?

Independents, it seems, aren't so dependent on cannabis. Support for the proposition declined 15 points among these folks. Republicans are also not big bud supporters (we know, breaking news): Their support for this thing dropped two points to 30 percent of the GOP's likely Golden State voters.

PPIC president Mark Baldassare says support for this joint comes from Democrats and younger voters — two groups with arguably weaker traditional election-day turnout than the Republicans and Indies.

“Really the two groups firmest support are Democrats and younger voters,” he told the Weekly. “Even in those groups substantial, there's a substantial number saying they would vote no. We know the electorate is older rather than younger, and now you have the 35-and-older group saying they would oppose it.”

The only wild card is if the silent majority (of pot smokers) actually gets off the bean bags and hustles to the polls like they're giving away a free joint with every one-eighth-ounce purchase. Except they're not.

-With reporting from LA Weekly Staff Writer Gene Maddus.

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