The developer of a proposed NFL stadium in the City of Industry has just sweetened the pot: The venue will be World Cup soccer compatible! And the crowd (of three people) goes wild.

Developer Ed Roski's Majestic Reality says the San Gabriel Valley stadium would be ready for FIFA World Cups in either 2018 or 2022. FIFA is still deciding where the show will go, so the announcement seems like another jab at getting support for the facility.

The stadium's architect, Dan Meis, says:

“Since we are in the design stage, we are able to adapt and create a venue for soccer based on FIFA requirements while creating the ultimate venue for the NFL. Although the NFL is our top priority, playing host to soccer's greatest games would give the world a glimpse at the best outdoor venue in sports.”

Here's the thing. There's another proposed stadium in town. And its backers include some folks you might have heard of — the people behind Staples Center. And this one would be downtown.

So the SGV faction just upped the ante, appealing to that (very small) percentage of L.A.'s population that likes seeing a ball kicked around for 90 minutes for a score of 1 to 1. (Yay!).

If the Staples crowd is going to stay in the game, we have two words that would surely blow Majestic Realty out of the water: Marijuana concessions.

LA Weekly