“Wondering if anyone makes picture discs anymore?” That's the opening query of the flyer advertising an Echo Park record shop's upcoming “how-to's of vinyl” seminar.

But readers familiar with West Coast Sound's INCHES column already know the answer to the question, and they're surely familiar with the venerable Echo Park institution, Origami Vinyl.

What they (and we) may not know, however, are the ins and outs of making albums, and Origami's looking to, ahem, set the record straight with its free evening event “From Vision to Vinyl: A Step-By-Step Look at Album Production,” taking place at the shop on Sunday, August 15.

The format will be a panel discussion led by Origami owner Neil Schield, and includes “various industry pros … there to talk about each step.” Specifically, two mastering engineers, the head of a pressing plant and the CEO of a packaging company will be there, as will the singer from Origami Vinyl recording artist Summer Darling.

Again, the seminar is free, with RSVP, and it takes place from 7 to 9 p.m. Free beer will be on hand (most likely the standard tall boys of icy Colt 45) and discounts shall abound.

The invite, from Origami to you:

Origami wants YOU to join the vinyl-making army!

Origami wants YOU to join the vinyl-making army!

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