Echo Park residents expressed satisfaction at a community meeting Thursday about a police sweep of unlicensed vendors around Echo Park Lake that we told you about this week.

The only problem, The Eastsider LA reports, the police and the city attorney weren't on the same page.

According to the Eastsider, Deputy City Attorney Andre Quintero, who's been working the issue of these unwanted vendors in the park for more than a year, told the residents he didn't know police were going to make the sweep.

Just last month, Quintero and a representative of Council President Eric Garcetti's office told Echo Park residents that they were awaiting the adjudication of a lawsuit from the Venice boardwalk in which unlicensed vendors are claiming free speech rights. Once that's cleared up, they can start to enforce the anti-nuisance law regarding the unwanted vendors.

In making their sweep Sunday, LAPD said they enforcing a part of the code not suspended by the the ongoing lawsuit.

Uh, well, I'll look into it, Quintero told residents.

Hey, no worries everybody: This kind of incompetence gives us stuff to write about.

LA Weekly