Love them or hate them, Cache's chicken murals along Sunset Blvd in Echo Park have become quite the landmarks. And considering a lot of the street art in LA can be pretty harsh, it's nice to have the chickens around, even if on this mural they're alongside Eyeone's little masked revolutionaries. They go well together. There'll be several posts of the chicken pieces over the next week.

Click the photo above to see a larger image. (The rest of the photos in this post are regularly sized.)

The artists listed on the mural include Cache, Eyer, Bash, and Noek, and K4P. If I've got any names wrong, you'll let me know right?

It's a huge piece, over 100 feet long, so I'll just post chunks of it below.

All photos by Mark Mauer. Loads more after the jump.

Previously: Bike chicks on Melrose by Eyeone, Cache and Makatron. (and the now-replaced Swoon piece).

All photos by Mark Mauer. lurker(@)

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