Echo and the Bunnymen “Seven Seas”

Saturday night, Echo and the Bunnymen will be at Nokia Theatre complete with an orchestra at which time they will be playing Ocean Rain. All of it. It will be epic.

Last week, when we interviewed Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick of the animated hit series The Venture Bros., Hammer talked about seeing Ocean Rain performed in New York. The following is excerpted from the original post:

“A part of me wanted to be, this is sort of bloated and not rock n' roll because one, it's a retro event and two, they're creating something that never happened, they're recreating a studio album live. But, even with all of that snottiness that I usually have of wanting stuff to be true and rock, it didn't matter because it sounded so beautiful and the songs are so great. It was just wonderful.”

Sounds like a good recommendation for the weekend.

Echo and the Bunnymen “The Killing Moon”

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