Some employees who worked for Meg Whitman during her tenure as the chief of eBay don't remember her so fondly. One, an eBay publicist, once claimed that Whitman shoved her in a fit of anger.

More recently, other eBay workers stated that Whitman was an f-bomb machine the likes of which California hasn't seen since Eddie Murphy was doing stand-up.

So here's the question: Should we be measuring Whitman by her tenure at this virtual auction-house-for-all?

To be fair, it is part of her platform: She's an outsider with the knowledge and leadership that would make California more businesslike at a time when the state needs to learn how to live within its means and create jobs.

Her bio:

Meg's widely regarded leadership and organizational skills attracted attention beyond business. As the leader of a global company that created a huge number of jobs, Meg developed strong ideas about the ingredients for 21st century success at every scale …

By that measure, some might not be impressed. The eBay experience can be belittling, especially when you're trying to move some cash around in PayPal (wait, wait some more) or fighting over payments of shipments (customer service is sometimes said to be nonexistent).

Our commenter du jour, mmbriggs, takes Whitman to task for what is described as a poor online experience at eBay:

Anyone who has been selling or buying on eBay since the late 90's and has had to suffer through the abusive customer policies instituted by eBay, knows what an abusive and arrogant CEO Whitman was. In the end here policies weren't successful …

Would her tenure in Sacramento be any better?

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