Two days after trashing a local restaurant on the basis of an unsubstantiated anonymous tip, this afternoon the food blog Eater LA issued an apology to both the owners of The Must and the blog's readers. So, where to file this one? Under the category of 'Better Late than Never'? Or 'Latest Traffic Reports'? I don't know. But this picture, of The Must chef Greg De Michiel in front of the Premier Meat Company truck, is hilarious. Rachel Thomas and Coly Den Haan, co-owners of the downtown wine bar, included the photo–The Must's food sourcing was an issue with the tipster–with their response to Eater (“Eater LA 'Must' Listen to Douchebags”), which the blog posted this afternoon along with its apology. (Read the backstory.) At least Thomas and Den Haan have a sense of humor. No word yet if their lawyers do.

LA Weekly