Fried chicken and waffle ice cream? Yeah, that just happened.

Actually, it's been happening for a couple months now, as Culver City's Coolhaus has been rolling out its new most popular flavor; a sweet-savory combo that is already gaining something of a cult following — as much as an ice cream can, I guess.

So how is it? It's rich, buttery and slightly crunchy, with a distinctive tang of salt and maple syrup on the finish. If scientists invented a substance that could slap all the junk food-loving portions of your cerebellum at once, it might be something like this.

Coolhaus also recently released a video of executive pastry chef Jessica Goryl showing how to whip a batch of the new flavor. I guess you could say the secret is in the chicken skins, or perhaps the “pharmaceutical grade” sage (other herbs optional).

You could use the video to re-create the flavor at home, but in all likelihood you're probably better off stopping by the shop or pinpointing one of the roving trucks on Coolhaus' Twitter.

They're going pretty H.A.M. with other flavors too, serving grown-up combinations like Cuban cigar, gin and tonic, and Maker's Mark Manhattan (like a Mad Men episode in ice cream form) and the slightly more questionable Peking duck variety — we'll stick to sampling our meat-flavored ice creams one at a time, please.

Check out the video:

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