We admit being tempted to order the Fried Chicken n' Waffles. It's almost always a safe bet, but you can order that almost anywhere these days. At Bru's Wiffle in Santa Monica, which has enough of both sweet and savory griddle cakes to inspire a sense of adventure, you might as well take a detour from the waffle norm. The Chocolate Waffle Party also looked pretty good — any breakfast involving Oreo cookies is hard to pass up — but that particular morning (okay, it was past noon) something said, 'grow up.'

Our eyes landed on the Say What?!, or a waffle topped with scrambled eggs containing bacon, goat cheese and grapes. Grapes? The reasoning behind the name became clearer.

We'd never had fruit mixed into a scramble before, but it sounded like it would be pretty tasty. Grapes work well in savory chicken salads, so why not eggs?

Not only did the grapes work well, they pretty much made the dish. We very much enjoyed the juicy pop of warm sweetness that contrasted especially well with the creamy goat cheese. And of course bacon never hurts anything, especially under a layer of maple syrup.

Best of all, the Say What?! reoriented our impression of waffles. Considering they often come out looking like collateral damage from a candy store robbery, a little waffle sophistication was a nice change.

LA Weekly