This summer at all three Los Angeles locations of the Korean restaurant Bibigo, Korean pop megastar Psy, also known as the King of YouTube — or his actual name Park Jae-sang — is everywhere. On the front windows, the servers' T-shirts and even on the menu. Millions of people dance like him, and now everybody can eat like him too, as Bibigo is offering a special menu of Psy's choosing. Already a big fan of Bibigo in Seoul, whenever Psy is in L.A., he visits the Bibigo on posh Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.

Until July 31, customers who order his favorite dishes receive a scratch card with the chance to win prizes like a Bibigo voucher, bag or Psy mask (!!), and can enter to win a trip to Seoul. The winner will be announced August 19, 2013.

Credit: Jessica Koslow

Credit: Jessica Koslow

Psy's massive hit “Gangnam Style” has over a billion YouTube views. He released his follow-up single, “Gentleman,” in April, and it quickly earned a Guinness World Record for the most-viewed video online in 24 hours. In the latter video, Psy meets his female match and they head to a restaurant and begin playing with their food. Apparently, these are some of Psy's favorite dishes from Bibigo, which also has locations in the UK, Japan, China, Indonesia and Singapore.

Being exactly like Psy means eating at the Beverly Hills location, although there are two others in L.A. — in Century City and Westwood — serving a Psy-inspired menu. One of his all-time favorite dishes is the restaurant's hot stone bibimbap, which is available at all three spots, done his way — which means, with spicy pork and a fried egg over black rice topped with half sesame and half Kohot sauce. The stone bowl is so hot that when it arrives at the table it has paper wrapped around it to prevent burns.

At the Beverly Hills location, customers can try kimchi stew, the singer's most requested item, with spicy pork ribs that are crispy fried and sticky with sweet and spicy sauce, and they'll get two free Hite beer mixed with Korean Soju cocktails.

Kimchi Stew; Credit: Jessica Koslow

Kimchi Stew; Credit: Jessica Koslow

Stop by Century City or Westwood, and in addition to Psy's twist on bibimbap, their “Gentleman”-style menus consist of sweet and spicy rice cakes with fried yams and mini fried chicken wontons.

In other Psy-related news, the South Korean phenom has been looking for a personal chef. He launched a contest in April and asked for people's votes. He's currently narrowed his picks down to three contestants. The date to choose the winner has come and gone (June 14), because according to his site, he's having a rough time deciding between Aaron, D.J. (who has the most audience votes) and Ricardo. The winner should be announced today.

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