We foodists have a sense of humor, right? We'd better, because we deserve to be made fun of for lighting up everyone's minifeed with excited tweets about the “fucking brown buttered hedgehog mushrooms” and “Yakima applewood smoked sea salt” we're about to eat.

Our latest find, “Eat It Don't Tweet It,” is brought to us by a collaboration between the American Hipster YouTube channel and The Key of Awesome!, a spoof singer who typically parodies the likes of Maroon 5 and LMFAO, but took a detour in order to mock the food porn-obsessed “culinary paparazzi.”

But in this case, the food does the taunting, as the objectified lobster and cupcake tell the iPhone camera-wielding rapper, “Don't take my picture/Don't put me on Twitter/Just get it over with and eat./You could not be dumber/Get off of Tumblr/I'm more than just a piece of meat.”

See the video after the jump:

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