Because Groupon, Living Social, Daily Candy, BlackboardEats (which failed with their paid coupon experiment) and every publication with its own coupon promo system (Village Voice, cough cough) just aren't enough, there's a new daily coupon site devoted to dining. Eat Deals, which focuses solely on restaurant promotions, just launched. (Today's deal is $20 for $40 of food at Jonathan Gold-approved Burger Kitchen.)

How, if it all, does Eat Deals differ from its competitors in the crowded “daily deals” market?

You can redeem your coupons instantly, and visit the restaurant within moments of buying the deal. Eat Deals also claims their platform is better for restaurant owners, who will be given “more control regarding deal restrictions, limits and any specifications they might have.” Finally, Eat Deals claims they only email the deal to subscribers who reside within a ten mile radius of the restaurant.

In other words, no major innovations, and the site's success or failure will hinge on how well they curate their roster of restaurants.

LA Weekly