Those 35 malnourished Easter bunnies seized on a downtown street are being cared for and will all likely end up in good homes, the interim general manager of the city's Animal Services Department told LA Weekly Friday.

Rescue group Bunny World Foundation took 15 of the pets and is nourishing them back to health for likely adoption, Animal Services' Kathy Davis said. The other 20 were taken in by department staffers, who will take care of them until they get old enough for adoption, she said.

Such newborn bunnies need to be cared for and nourished constantly for at least eight weeks before they can be given up for adoption, she said. Some of the seized animals were as young as two-weeks-old.

“The bunnies went to one outside rescue group, and some of our internal folks are fostering others until they reach an age where they can be adopted,” Davis said. “Several were in pretty shaky condition. To sit in a cage for hours without milk and fluids stresses the living daylights out of them.”

The miniature rabbits were seized last weekend after cops on patrol near the Fashion District's Santee Alley downtown came across a suspect setting up cages on a sidewalk. Demetrio Plumamena, 46, was arrested on suspicion of selling animals on the street, which is illegal in the city, and for animal cruelty.

Police believe the bunnies were being marketed as Easter gifts. Authorities also seized 79 turtles, six iguanas, and one parrot, which also ended up at rescue groups, Davis said.

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