Believe it or not, Echopark and Silver Lake are not the Eastside. Gentrification has erroneously recalibrated the orientation of Los Angeles. The real East side lies past the 5 freeway and the L.A. River, where underground and established music venues thrive under the radar. This week, West Coast Sound goes eastward to investigate what lies on other side of the 5.

On any given Wednesday, Low End Theory drops genre-warping jams that destroy the envelop, not push it.

Low End Theory, housed in the Lincoln Height's eclectic club, Airliner, often gleans cut-up, sonic patchwork production techniques of hip-hop. But the comparison usually ends here, as Low End Theory transmogrifies the genre, sometimes melding it with IDM and Dubstep, or free association vocal flow. Sound sculptors and club regulars, Thavius Beck, Daedelus and Gaslamp Killer realign dance music's boundaries and serve up ethereal stutter-stepping beats, fist-pumping digital anthems, and psychedelic soundscapes (respectively). At Low End Theory, the only constant is change.

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