Believe it or not, Echopark and Silver Lake are not the Eastside. Gentrification has erroneously recalibrated the orientation of Los Angeles. The real Eastside lies past the 5 freeway and the L.A. River, where underground and established music venues thrive under the radar. This week, West Coast Sound goes eastward to investigate what lies on other side of the 5.

The Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock has rapidly earned the reputation as one of most innovative live venues in L.A. Last year's Eagle Rock Music Festival, featured local all-stars like Mika Miko, Fool's Gold, and the Radar Brothers, in a line up that felt like the Sunset Junctions of, let's say, 5 years ago. With upcoming shows curated by the dudes of F Yeah Fest (featuring the if-Ornette-Coleman-played-guitar freaks, Upsilon Acrux and the star-imploding heavyness of Sun O)))) and the indie publishers Penny Ante, the Center of the Arts currently holds the title as one of the best places to discover hometown heroes.

Earlier this week on East of the 5:

Monday: Low End Theory Rumbles Rumps in Lincoln Heights

Tuesday: Mas Exitos Unearths Underground Latin Cuts at Verdugo Bar

Wednesday: Skull-shattering Metal Mayhem Mondays at Footsies

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