You see, East Coast, this is how the pros do earthquakes.

A 4.3 hit Southern California (4 miles southeast of Newhall, to be precise), and we barely even noticed. In fact, much of the LA Weekly daily news staff was at lunch and didn't notice at all.

You want to know why?

We were rocked by the smooth guacamole and $2 Budweiser at Don Chuy's in the greater Culver City area. (The birria is reportedly not bad either).

Sept. 1 earthquake in L.A.; Credit: USGS

Sept. 1 earthquake in L.A.; Credit: USGS

Anyway, yeah, the USGS says it was a 4.3 about 5 miles north/northwest of San Fernando, it was more than 7 miles deep, and that it happened at 1.47 p.m.


The L.A. Fire Department says a “citywide assessment” has been completed and no damage has been reported.

They forgot to check Don Chuy's salsa roja, because it destroys.


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