Today is Earth day, but not the one championed by Captain Planet. You'll have to wait until Tuesday to make your sustainable resolutions for this year, but tonight, the fine folks of FYF are celebrating Earth, the legendary psychedelic drone band. For metal aficionados, Earth exists on the polar opposite of speed or death metal. Instead Earth is drone or doom metal, and like Sun 0))) or God Speed You Black Emperor!, they create a haunting tide of ethereal soundscapes.

“Earth grew out of a desire to be different,” frontman Dylan Carlson told Good Magazine. “When I started, music was all about being fast. It was almost like this jock thing. We were reacting against that.”

In the early 1990s, Carlson was infused in Seattle's grunge scene and released three albums on Sub Pop. At one point he was Kurt Cobain's roommate, and infamously bought Cobain the gun he used to commit suicide in 1994.

After a long hiatus and battle with drug addiction, Earth returned with new material in 2005, and released the phenomenal dark requiem, The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull in 2008. Joined by Southern Lord's amazingly dynamic death/black metal heads Wolves in the Throne Room, Earth's foreboding doom will be the eye of a sonic storm.

After the jump, listen to Earth's soundtracks for after the apocalypse, and hear Carlson talk about Kurt Cobain.

Download The Driver – Earth [MP3]

Great Q & A with Dylan Carlson for Self-Titled Magazine

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