the loudness of EODM

Right now, this very exact second, I am listening to the Eagles of Death Metal playing “I Only Want You” as they perform live on top of the Arclight building in Hollywood.

How is this possible? Is it because I have a super dupa Blackberry or Sidekick allowing me to blog remotely?


Is it because the LA Weekly joined forces with the Arclight and set up Style Council blogging stations at strategic points around Hollywood?


It's because the Eagles of Death Metal are quite clearly one of the loudest bands on earth. I can hear every beat of Sam Maloney's drum, every Little Richard-esque squeak from lead singer Jesse “Devil” Hughes – even though I am sitting in my garage…in Los Feliz.

Did sound always travel this far in Los Angeles? Maybe EODM aren't the loudest band in the world – maybe it's just that Angeleno ears are abnormally senstive to even the faintest trace of rock n roll. Like sharks and blood, maybe?

Who knows – either way, I got one step closer to the action when I spoke to The Gray Kid (real name Steve) on his cell. I had called him about something else, and he happened to be there, soaking up the party atmospshere. “There's models and bands and egg rolls,” he told me. “I don't mind getting my Gucci dirty for this. Let's rap tomorrow, OK?”

And with that he hung up, leaving me sitting alone in my Los Feliz garage, wishing I was some place else. Love that kid.

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