It's been five years since Eagle Rock Brewery, Los Angeles' first microbrewery, opened on an industrial side street tucked between Glassell Park, Atwater Village and its namesake neighborhood of Eagle Rock. Since then, owners Jeremy Raub and Ting Su have been a positive force not just in L.A.'s exploding craft beer community, but in the physical community where they live and operate.

But now their five-year, city-issued permit is up. And despite being good neighbors and proving that craft beer drinkers are not harbingers of alcoholism and shady goings-on (there has not been a single incident involving police at the brewery), Raub and Su must return before the Los Angeles Office of Zoning Administration this week to again defend their business' right to exist.

In order to receive a renewal of the city permit they need to operate, they require the presence and supportive words of the beer-drinking public—aka you.


Because no other brewery existed within L.A. city limits when Eagle Rock Brewery applied for its permit in 2009, the Zoning Administration—nervous thanks to opposition voiced by just one local business-property owner—cut the number of years covered by its permit from 10 to five.

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The owners also had to appear a year later, at another public hearing, just in order to keep the five-year permit. The sole dissenting business owner didn't show. Hundreds of Eagle Rock Brewery fans did, though, and they each lauded what was, at the time, still one of L.A.'s only locally-made beer options. The five-year permit stayed.

Now, for the third time in five years, Raub and Su must pay $8,000 in fees and survive another public hearing, this time, they hope, to secure the ten-year permit they've earned.

“The outpouring of public support helped us last time, and we need everyone who loves beer or supports local business to stand with us and support Eagle Rock Brewery one more time,” the brewery said in a message to supporters. “This time, we hope to request not to have any additional public hearings. We want to show the City of L.A. what beer for the people means and pack the house.”

The public is allowed (nay, encouraged) to attend the meeting at Los Angeles City Hall on Thursday morning. Supporters can also call or write in to voice their support for Eagle Rock Brewery. Information is below.

The hearing is set for Thursday, November 6 at 9:00 a.m. at the Office of Zoning Administration, Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N Spring Street, Room 1020. You may also call in or email your comments to Nora Dresser, (213) 978-1346,

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