Maryland death metal band Dying Fetus play the House of Blues in Anaheim this week as part of the Chaos & Carnage tour, so we chatted with frontman and original member John Gallagher about the brutality that awaits us…

L.A. WEEKLY: It's been two years since Wrong One To Fuck With — is there another album on the way?
JOHN GALLAGHER: Yes, definitely! So far I have six killer songs completed. We have some really catchy and brutal stuff in the works. I'm going for songs that feel and sound great. Not just technical for the sake of being technical direction. This June will mark the second year of Wrong One To Fuck With. We're so grateful for the overwhelming support from all our diehard fans making WOTFW a tremendous success!

How has the band grown/evolved, particularly over the past decade?
We have stepped up our live production with a more elaborate light show and huge banners. The fans deserve quality entertainment. We are playing super tight after performing for years on various world tours and music festivals. We all love to have fun with the band but we take this very seriously and want to deliver a solid show every night. We want the crowd to leave feeling pummeled.

Do you enjoy playing L.A.? Any cool memories?
Of course, L.A. rules! We've played many raging gigs there over the years. House of Blues, the Whisky, the Roxy, etc. The Key Club was a killer place to play. One time we had a day off after playing the Key Club and Steel Panther played the following day so we decided to stay and hang out. It was a blast rocking out to Steel Panther because it was new and not played out yet. In fact, I think it was when they were still called Metal Skool. Anyway I remember I made my way down to the front and I suddenly had a painful gas pain. I was like “oh oh this is going to be bad if I let this go.” People were dancing having a great time and  I dropped a full nuclear fart. I had to pull my shirt up around my face and act like I didn't do it. The band stopped the show and were like wtf! Chicks were frowning and gaging, it was awesome. I left feeling proud.

What can we expect from this set?
You can expect to be sonically brutalized. Lots of slamming, stage diving and crowd surfing will be going down. Since it is such a diverse lineup and not a full on death metal tour we're playing most of our slower classics mixed with fast intense songs. The core of our set is from Wrong One To Fuck With which is fun for us. We are so happy that people are into our new songs and we're not having to rely on our past catalog like a lot of other death metal bands.

After this tour, what's next for the band this year?
We are excited to play various worldwide festivals and shows this summer. We're playing a huge 150,000 person South American festival called Rock al Parque, Heavy Montreal festival, various European festivals, headlining shows with Ministry and multiple hardcore crossover shows. We are exposing ourselves to different audiences and hopefully gaining a broader fan base by doing so. Come out and party with Fetus! Cheers!

Dying Fetus plays with Whitechapel, Carnifex, Fallujah, Spite, Uncured and Buried Above Ground at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 3 at the House of Blues, Anaheim.

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