The stop sign on Delvale Street and Orange Avenue wasn't enough to keep Modesto Cabral, a 40-year-old La Puente resident, from giving his 2006 Lexus GS430 a nice Sunday-morning bath in the Diaz family's (perfectly Lexus-sized) swimming pool.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the family awoke to Cabral in their backyard…

… dripping wet and allegedly wasted on “alcohol and/or drugs,” circa 5:30 a.m. (Yet thankfully not too wasted to climb from the driver's-side window and pull himself to safety.)

He reportedly came away with only minor injuries. And we're glad no one else fell victim to the wayward luxury vehicle, either, so we get to enjoy these hilarious photos to the fullest.

Credit: Beatriz Diaz/SGVT

Credit: Beatriz Diaz/SGVT

“We woke up to an awful noise and looked outside, and a car was in the pool,” the Diaz' teenage daughter tells the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Via Google Maps, Cabral's path to humility is clear:

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He was reportedly traveling westbound on Delvale when he plowed into the cinder-block wall on the other side of Orange Avenue. Hence the block of cinder lodged in his windshield.

“We had always joked around about it — that someone was going to end up in the pool — because they've hit our wall before,” says the Diaz teen. And some online observers do see it as a sort of Christmas-morning surprise: “Free Lexus in your swimming pool!” declares one Lexus forum. Among, of course, a zillion other wisecracks in Associated Press comment sections across the Internet.

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