It's almost high school graduation season. It's time for the prom, trips to Disneyland, ditch day and … looking at a mangled car.

A San Fernando Valley towing company is putting a DUI-wrecked car on display for high schoolers to see as a reminder of what can happen when the teen party goes out-of-bounds.

A Debbie Downer move for sure. But the co-owner of Black & White Towing in Pacoima says it's worth it:

If we can reach one student doing what we do, helping out the class, I feel like we've done our job. Because that one student is going to influence another student, who in turn is going to influence another student. This wrecked car is designed to make sure that we get our message through about drinking and driving so that all kids will make it to graduation. We don't want any empty seats at graduation because students went and had a good time and got drunk and got involved in a wreck and ended up dead or in jail.

The lovely, ruby colored car will be in front of Black & White until June 30, when all the kids have gone home for summer.


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