Duff beer is real! Homer Simpson's favorite libation is actually available for purchase, but only in South America — and nobody will talk about it.

According to the Miami Herald:

The makers of Duff in South America say they aren't allowed to talk to the U.S. media. Duff Mexico… would not respond to interview requests. And 20th Century Fox, which owns the rights to The Simpsons, said it would not comment on the story and would not say if it has a licensing agreement with any of the Duff producers.

In the cartoon world of The Simpsons, Duff beer is cheap swill, but in Colombia it's served in posh bars and commands the same prices as an import beer, even though it's brewed in Medellin, says the Miami Herald. Fox has never licensed the beverage in the United States.

How does Duff taste? According to video diarist KeithTheLOON, it tastes “exactly like Duff should,” i.e. Stella Artois i.e. Europe's Budweiser i.e. a light, bland lager. No word on whether Duff Light, Lady Duff, Raspberry Duff, Tartar Control Duff, Henry K. Duff's Private Reserve, Duff Stout and Duff Zero are available.

LA Weekly