Although it's long been overshadowed by more exotic locales, Malibu still has one of the mainland's most-prized set of breaks — first, second and third points at Surfrider State Beach. It's strange then, to find that local teens still need a thrill beyond Malibu's thick right-hander that peels rapidly toward the shallows.

But that was the case Wednesday morning when a young man was apparently photographed while “surfing” atop the roof of a car on Pacific Coast Highway.

Photos, taken from a nearby school bus, were obtained by sheriff's deputies, who went to Malibu High School to find the ripper on the white car. Authorities said they found the vehicle but had yet to identify the surfer.

Photos depicted the teen climbing out of the window of the moving car, crouching on the roof, and standing up, surf-style, with his arms outstretched. The driver could face allegations of reckless driving, sheriff's officials said.

The surfer ” would have to face his parents,” said sheriff's Sgt. Philip Brooks.

Spicoli, nonetheless, would have been proud.

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