Dubfire Looks to EVOLV: Iranian house and techno DJ and producer Dubfire got his start playing house parties and school dances around the late ’80’s in his teens.

“Soon after I was holding local residencies and playing around the Washington, DC area and my DJ career naturally evolved into global shows in 1996 once the music we were making as Deep Dish began to gain traction and acclaim,” he says.

Dubfire describes his sound today as varied.

“It was not uncommon for DJs in that period of time to regularly play open to close sets,” he says. “So, honing your DJ skills required you to be adept at programming sets that slowly evolve throughout the night. And that usually means opening with a bit of ambient or deeper house and gradually increasing the BPM and energy level / genres of the music. So, my sound today is still informed by that blueprint. But the typically shorter sets obviously depend on the sound of a particular stage, venue or night.”

Regarding the modern electronic music scene, he says that there’s as much bad music out there as good.

“That boils down to how easy it is with today’s technology being very affordable and easy to make and release music,” he says. “So unfortunately, it takes much longer to find those few needles in the haystack. Having said that, the good music out there has never been better and is always pushing things forward and keeping me inspired. On the DJ side things are less positive; with social media profiles, clicks and likes seemingly replacing true talent, dedication, drive, and hard work. When influencers or people with only a passing interest in dance music get into the game and become household names overnight simply by way of clever TikTok or Instagram posts only because they want to enjoy the fame and jet set lifestyle that they feel DJs have access to then it cheapens the art form and prevents someone with true talent from gaining exposure. None of these people want to spend the years of honing your craft that it takes to reach that higher realm. The one beacon of light however has been in greater gender equality in all aspects of the industry as well as more diversity being reflected in line-ups.”

Dubfire’s latest release is the “Bottom Dweller” single.

“‘Bottom Dweller’ is the most recent single, and 3rd that we have released in the run up to the EVOLV album this October,” he says. “There is a sort of loose space travel theme permeating the sound – and song titles – of the album. ‘Bottom Dweller’ is the third single and is filled with that unrelenting tension and wonder we all have about space.

Beyond that, Dubfire has plenty planned for the months ahead.

“Everything is sort of building up to the EVOLV album which is released on October 14 so my team and I are quite busy with that at the moment, but I do have collaborations with Luke Slater, Scan X, Davide Squillace, etc. that I have been working on which I’m trying to finish before the end of the year,” he says. “There is also some heavy touring to end 2022 with shows in the USA, South America, India and SE Asia all planned as well as further development of the EVOLV audio-visual show which my visual team Dublab and I have been involved in since 2019.”

Dubfire Looks to EVOLV: Dubfire’s “Bottom Dweller” single is out now. The EVOLV album is out October 14 and available here







































































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