Ensuring that your tax dollars are hard at work, the state of California on Monday unveiled an iPhone app that lets drinkers too impaired to dial a cab use their touch-screen iPhones to catch a ride. It's just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

The California Office of Traffic Safety calls it Taxi Magic: Drunk-tards don't even have to really know where they are. The app will figure it out and dispatch a cab with one finger tap. The app can also link to a credit card and automatically pay for the ride. And the drinker can track the cab's progress on a map as he waits. It will not, however, drunk-dial your ex or find the nearest after-hours spot.

“While the public is aware of the dangers of DUI, they still can find themselves in situations where a designated sober driver is not available,'' Chris Cochran of the Office of Traffic Safety said. “Where previously calling a cab might have been intimidating, embarrassing or bothersome, this latest technology can make it as easy as one tap on your cell phone screen.''

The app also works on BlackBerry, Android and Palm Smartphones.

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