When we saw that East Coast drum 'n' bass DJ-turned- LA electro hipster Nate Day is playing Avalon's Friday night cool kid bash Control, we couldn't help but think about dance music's breakbeat crazy offshoot. Day's current sound might be removed from his DNB roots, but the frantic grooves popularized in the late-'90s is still thriving in LA.

Fans of the genre have two parties to hit on Saturday night. Down in Huntington Park Infinite Complexity and Baseck are hosting a night of drum 'n' bass, techno and dubstep capped off by a pizza party at midnight and a Street Fighter tournament. Out in the Valley, Bass Dynasty will be taking over the 101-adjacent bar Little Rock for their monthly party Timeless. We hear the soundsystem is pretty intense.

Consider drum 'n' bass to be the geeky side of the electronic underworld. The low-end heavy sound has been divided into so many sub-genres that it's hard to bring it up in conversation without wondering if you have your facts wrong. Then there is the dancing. At 180 bpm, everyone looks awkward and slightly out of rhythm on the dance floor. Plus, it sounds pretty good when mashed-up against action films fan video style.

With that in mind, we dug through YouTube from some of the most exciting drum 'n' bass fan videos we could find.

Visuals: Terminator 3

Music: State of Mind, Xample and Concorde Dawn

Visuals: Godzilla (various films)

Music: DJ TobiWan “Rob Groove”

Visuals: Blade

Music: Generation Dub “Puppetmaster”

Visuals: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Music: Venetian Snares “Szamar Madar”

Visuals: Samurai Jack

Music: Calyx & Teebee “Warrior”

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