DroneHive Announces the Launch of its Unique Field Operations Management Software RICO

DroneHive, a Utah-based global drone services provider for aerial data collection, announces the launch of its new Field Operations Management software RICO. The software has been developed in collaboration with a software and analytic company, Pollen Systems. The software is indented to enhance the operational and managerial aspects of unmanned aviation systems, otherwise known as drones. The software acts as a functional tool to help users to manage their data collection projects globally.

With an extensive seven years of real-world experience in scaling drone operations, DroneHive has designed and developed RICO as a powerful tool. It took the company almost a year to complete the development of the platform. As a result, RICO has been recognized as an innovative platform assisting global corporations to collect and manage accurate and actionable aerial data.  RICO allows corporations to see all their assets including their historical, ongoing, and upcoming flight projects within a single platform.

In addition, the platform also provides companies with the necessary information regarding what kind of certifications and special aerial authorizations they require with respect to specific projects. RICO also enables pilots to have their own unique interface for all their jobs and projects. It also showcases elements like weather, smoke, wind, etc in a single map interface.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 at 4.21.34 PM

RICO: a map based solution for managing unmanned aviation operations at scale globally.

“We needed a tool that allows us to scale drone flying projects more efficiently and manage everything in one place. Our goal was to give our clients better visibility and give our pilots better tools. With our substantial experience and expertise in the industry, we have built this ecosystem for the actual drone-flying portion of the project. RICO has been the result of our relentless effort to fill the critical gap of an effective tool to scale the ariel data management globally”, says Paul Huish, Founder and CEO of DroneHive.

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Founder and CEO, Paul Huish and the DroneHive team

RICO also provides all necessary compliance requirements and information including, flying restrictions, specific airspace requirements, restricted airspaces, weather information, scheduling, and flight plans to the pilots, etc. dealing with these vital aspects of drone flying projects has been complex and archaic up RICO’s launch, as they required multiple platforms to manage them. However, RICO makes it simple and convenient by providing a single and comprehensive platform on which to manage them.

“Our platform ensures better client experience and better pilot experience when it comes to aerial data collection using drones. RICO ensures efficiency and convenience in aerial data collection and management. RICO is in beta mode right now and ready to go full scale very soon” Paul Huish added.

As an infrastructure-providing company, DroneHive also provides local expert pilots and connects them with clients. In addition, they facilitate test flights and train pilots to operate and manage their drone flying projects efficiently. By introducing an innovative platform like RICO, DroneHive transforms the industry, empowering the stakeholders involved.

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