It seems that nothing is safe in today's era of slow-growing economies — not even Chipotle. According to a report from Bloomberg, Chipotle's founder is so unhappy with the company's slow growth rate that he's considering adding drive-thru windows and a breakfast menu to the chain's offerings. The restaurant is also planning on running more commercials.

Founder Steve Ells reportedly “suggested strategic changes” in how Chipotle operates, leaving some to wonder whether the burrito haven will lose its luster. This isn't to say that the food won't be “food with integrity” anymore, but it'll certainly resemble a fast food-type brand. And let's not forget McDonald's once owned a huge stake (pun intended) in Chipotle. They sold off their share in 2006.

According to NASDAQ, Chipotle's stock was trading at $442 in April and fell to $239 this past Wednesday. At one point it bottomed out at $200.

Apparently, McDonald's is hurting over growth too. The mega fast food chain just reported its slowest growth in the last 11 quarters, so now the honchos at McDeez say they'll increase marketing for their Dollar Menu. Anyone up for a McDouble?

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