New romantic holiday movies emerge every so often but the characters and storylines rarely change. The good thing about this year is we can get to watch LGBTQ+ holiday movies.

Here are a few movies you can watch with your partner.

New LGBTQ+ Holiday Movies

  • The Holiday Sitter

Hallmark Channel released a movie for the community this year called The Holiday Sitter. The film follows a busy man named Sam who had to change his plans of going on a trip last minute when he had to babysit his niece and nephew. The only problem is, he hasn’t babysat his sister’s kids in a long time.

Sam, as you probably guessed, did not have the easiest time taking care of the children. He then enlisted the help of the next-door neighbor— a handsome man named Jason…and, of course, we all know where this is going! It’s an exciting romantic comedy you ought to watch.

  • A Christmas to Treasure

Another LGBTQ+ holiday movie that’s available for us to watch is Lifetime’s A Christmas to Treasure. The story is centered around a group of friends who, quite literally had to go on a treasure hunt for the holidays.

When the group’s old neighbor Ms. Marley passed, she left behind her last wish to reunite the friends; she made the now-grown-up kids go on an adventure. She especially wanted two members of the group to see each other again— estranged former best pals Austin and Everett.

  • Merry & Gay

Merry and & Gay is another lesbian/queer holiday movie you can watch this 2022. The story is about a homesick Broadway star named Becca, who wanted to leave her New York City life to spend Christmas in her small hometown.

Becca reconnected with her high school sweetheart Sam, but they both believed that the ship had sailed. However, their moms didn’t agree. Their two mothers then set up various but hilarious ways to reunite the two former flames.

The Importance of LGBTQ+ Representation in Movies

Movies with controversial storylines don’t have to be heavily and emotionally made all the time. Sometimes, even if films are lighthearted and rom-com in nature, many people can still relate their identity to the characters and the roles they play.


Representation matters. The LGBTQ+ community can now rejoice over the fact that there are more LGBTQ+ holiday movies this 2022!



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