The California Dream Act, which gives undocumented people who came to the United States as children in-state tuition at state colleges, isn't favored by a majority of California voters.

Neither is the renewed drive to let illegal immigrants obtain California drivers licenses. That doesn't mean you necessarily hate Mexicans.

No, in fact, according to the same Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley-Field Poll, released today …

… 67 percent of you support pathways to citizenship for undocumenteds who meet certain basic criteria (non-criminals, etc.).

But … 61 percent of Golden State voters don't like California's already-enacted Dream Act, which gives tuition breaks to young people brought here as children illegally.

And 56 percent of you say no to drivers licenses for illegals despite the fact that this was the law before Gov. Pete Wilson took office in the 1990s.

And: Do Californians want illegals to have access to the same government health and financial assistance available to the rest of us? 65 percent of you said hell no.

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