Dr. Richard Moy Outshines Competitors with Innovative Surgical Methodology for Painlessly Removing Bunions

Highly experienced foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Richard Moy has been perfecting a surgical method that surpasses competitors for over 30 years. Since his entrance into medicine in the 1990s, Dr. Moy has taken an alternative approach to foot–and specifically bunion removal–surgeries. Instead of embracing existing and highly advertised strategies that are debilitating and painful, Dr. Moy has pioneered a technique that has allowed him to help thousands of patients safely remove bunions and prevent reoccurrence. Dr. Moy notes that despite the success of his work, many patients still choose highly marketed surgeries that are highly deceptive to individuals. He hopes to raise more awareness about the risks of these procedures to prevent the pain and future suffering of thousands of patients.

Bunions are one of the most common medical issues plaguing the feet. In fact, millions develop this condition annually. Women are 8 times more likely than men to have bunions, especially after age 55. High heels are the first style of shoe to aggravate a bunion.


Image credit: Dr. Richard Moy

Bunions are caused by genetic factors, in fact, if you develop a bunion, that would mean at least 1 of 6 of your relatives also has a bunion. Foot shape and structure are hereditary characteristics that may increase the risk of developing bunions. People with low arches/ flat feet and those standing for long periods are more susceptible to this condition.

Bunions often take years to form and generally don’t require surgery until they begin causing frequent pain. However, it’s critical for patients to receive the right procedure from the right doctor to avoid long-term damage. The way to know the right doctor is to interview several of their patients. Dr. Moy highlights the importance of this due diligence as he often repairs failed bunion operations.

Compared to highly advertised bunion removal surgeries, Dr. Moy employs a radically different approach. His procedure is virtually painless and most often 100% pain-free without the use of narcotics. This is because he precisely handles soft tissues, utilizes local anesthesia, and stabilizes the bones. Competing surgeries last for several hours, cause severe scarring, and excruciating pain, and prevent patients from walking on their feet for up to eight weeks. Dr. Moy’s procedure takes less than an hour on average and allows patients to walk immediately afterward and even drive their car the very next day. He is able to offer such a transformative procedure because he addresses the root problem of bunions.

“The cause of bunion pain is due to tissue inflammation and chronic pressure being applied to the area, especially in tight shoes like high heels and ski boots,” Dr. Moy says. “Other practitioners believe the instability in the mid arch is what causes bunions, which is why they complete more invasive procedures that require up to nine screws and two plates. However, I take the opposite approach, where the big toe joint is where the instability is initiated, and use only one screw compared to their nine to solve the same problem.”

Highly advertised bunion removal surgeries often claim to provide immediate and long-term results. In reality, it can take up to a year for the patient to heal from the procedure, and recurrence is common and complications are more prevalent due to the impact of the surgery on the foot’s anatomy and function. Dr. Moy strongly disproves this, noting that these highly advertised procedures lead to the overprescription of opioids and patients developing a fear of completing the surgery on their other foot.

Dr. Moy was inspired to design proprietary soft tissue release, tightening, and realigning techniques for bunion correction because of this gap in the market. Without a provider like him, patients were given relatively no safe options to resolve their condition. He has pioneered a simple, yet effective strategy to help thousands of patients throughout the world to remove painful bunions. Dr. Moy believes in 100% transparency and shares each of his client’s evaluation forms on his website to educate patients on the real results of his procedures and encourage honesty in his field. For prospective clients, the best way to predict the outcome and recovery of Dr. Moy’s innovative technique is to talk and listen to his hundreds of previous patients living a bunion-free life.

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